Mentoring Innovation Hub

enabling data-driven, evidence-based mentoring

The Mentoring Innovation Hub helps mentoring organizations use data to analyse, evaluate and report on their progress and demonstrate their social impact.  It provides the much needed support to implement a data-driven, evidence based operation.

The goal is to build a data community between mentoring programs, universities and stakeholders.  While programs collect data, universities help interpret and analyse the data and suggest improvements and we produce real-time dashboards for all stakeholders.

The Mentoring Innovation Hub is run by the Civic Media Foundation in partnership with  the Coordinadora de Mentoria Social in Spain and the European Center for Data-driven, Evidence-based Social Mentoring.


The collected data is used for:

  • Evaluation. A constant flow of data from the mentors and mentees help us instantly evaluate programs and situations.
  • Coordination. It helps us save time as it makes coordination less time consuming.
  • Learning. Understanding how we are doing and how we compare with others with similar targets.
  • Evidence. Stakeholders want to make sure that their targets are met.

By creating a data community, all stakeholders benefit, in real-time, from the collected data:

  • Researchers. To test assumptions and improve methodologies,
  • Funders. To monitor and justify their investments and
  • Programs. To justify their work and jointly maximise their social impact.
  • Mentors and mentees. To engage and motivate them.
civic media lab


Sociology professor and director of the Social Inclusion Chair at the Rovira i Virgili University.

civic media lab
civic media lab
civic media lab


Entrepreneur and social innovator. President of the Civic Media Foundation and CEO of Messagenes.

civic media lab
civic media lab


Law professor and director of the Smart City Chair at the Rovira i Virgili University.

civic media lab
civic media lab

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