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Discover: Tech 4 Social Impact

The Civic Media Foundation wants to serve communities around the world with data that is readily avalaible. Our vision is Global but our effort must be local.

Tech 4 Social Impact is a global community of students in local universities around the world who can help build the intelligence network from the ground up.  We seek to empower socially involved students with programming and data skills. As part of our community, they can help build the world’s first intelligence network.

Tech 4 Social Impact is currently running at Leiden University College The Hague, where 25 students with backgrounds in Governance, Economics, Development, Sustainability, Global Public Health, World Politics and International Justice will be taking it in 2018. These students are learning how to prepare and use data that is out there to make an impact in their fields.

You can start a Tech 4 Social Impact at your University!

Tech 4 Social Impact @ LUC The Hague