The Universal Social Impact Number

What do you do when dressing up?  First, you think about the context.  How will others dress? Is it hot outside? Where am I going?

Contextual data is essential for decision making, and more so when fighting for a social impact.  But how do we know the social context?

Social impact data is not easy to get.  This we are about to change.  The USIN will give you the context of your social impact, all related data. It identifies an organization (who), the social impact (what) and its location (where).

By entering it, you will know who else is pursuing the impact, get their reports, access relevant datasets, view maps and see graphs.

Join our community and help us build this resource by getting yourself a USIN first and by sharing the data and documents you may have.  Together we will achieve our vision of a global social impact data resource and social impact intelligence network that will enable all of us to make intelligent decisions.

Get a Universal Social Impact Number today!

Be the change you want to see in the world and join our community by getting your own USIN