a personal story

The Civic Media Foundation was founded by Armand Bogaarts together with his son Jan and daughter Saskia.

He has a personal reason to support mentoring. For 2 years he lived in a children´s home because his parents were not able to take care of him.

When he was 8 he returned to live with his mother and went on to study business in Holland and international relations at Georgetown University in the US. He became an entrepreneur and co-founded of LCL Belgium, Eurofiber, Filocian and Messagenes.

Armand learned how important mentors can be for a vulnerable person.  He is convinced that mentoring is a win-win for all: not just for the mentee but also for the mentor and for the social cohesion of local communities.  That´s why he created the Civic Media Foundation.  Help him foster healthy inclusive local communities with strong mentoring programs.

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